And we’re moving on!

These three summer month were so hectic and full of all kinds of activities, that we totally forgot about our Lean Coffee updates. But never forgot about Lean Coffee itself!


Now we meet in many cafes of our city, Lean Coffee is becoming a popular event, and there’s even some kind of a competition between the cafes for the right to welcome us. This is all extremely inspiring for our team, because for sure we are as well proud to be the first to start Lean Coffee as we are to be proud to be developers of Kanbanchi 🙂

Recently we  have been invited to one of the famous radio stations to tell about Lean Coffee in Saratov. You may listen, of course, but it’s in Russian (lucky you who know the language).

Lean Coffee in Saratov on the Russian radio

We explained the concept of agenda-less meetings, described the way we moderate conversation and tried to inspire other people to start their own Lean Coffee to spread the idea to some other areas that aren’t of our competence. Our team is mostly focused on development, kanban (because of our app), digital marketing and travel, but there are so many other areas of life and business, where people can benefit from gathering for Lean Coffee. We will be glad if it spreads even more!

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